Spring is an app designed to help people who would like to start growing their own produce.

One of the biggest sticking points in our research was that beginners tend to lack the know-how to give their plant what it needs, and more importantly when. Many start growing a plant that is unsuitable for that area and then feel dejected when it dies.

The spring app is designed to help people along at every stage of the process. Using weather, humidity, light and temperature sensors already in the phone, Spring can tell the user which plants can flourish in that specific spot. All the person needs to do is set their phone down where they want to grow and the phone does the rest. Using average data from the plants’ life cycle, push notifications are used to remind the user of upcoming changing events such as replanting or deflowering.

Spring turns plants needs into personality traits to encourage a connection between plant and person.

During this week long project, we used many methods to narrow down the apps features and reach this final concept. A big challenge was creating and refining the actions of the app, which we achieved using keynote.