Ek Latin is a contemporary humanist sans serif family available in 7 Weights. It is a modest typeface, designed to work harmoniously with the other scripts in the Ek multi-script family. The fonts have been hand kerned and hinted and can be used across mediums and point sizes.

Ek Devanagari is a versatile, contemporary, humanist, mono-linear typeface available in 7 Weights, which can be used across various mediums and point sizes. The font contains an extensive set of conjuncts and matras and has been hand kerned and hinted. Ek Multi-script family is ideal for the use in multi-lingual branding and book type settings.

The Ek typeface family is an ongoing project to develop a unified type family for maximum Indic scripts. The intention is to create and apply a set of common visual forms (a set of interventions sensitive to script grammar and script tradition having common visual forms) across the scripts while retaining their own identities. Multi-script type families usually give preference (accidentally or deliberately) to one script over the other, causing other scripts to look alien and awkward. The goal for the Ek family is to build one harmonious family across all Indian scripts without letting the visual features of one script dominate over others. These qualities allow the fonts to be used individually, in single script text and are also ideal for use where multiple script text settings are required.