Metro Audio Guide

Audio guides on the Metro enable passengers to discover
local favorite spots along their route and to receive the
necessary information to return to them later.

Ek Mukta

'Ek Mukta' is a unicode compliant contemporary multi-script
type family available for both print and digital usage.

Light Up

LightUp is an energy redistribution service that allows
people to save money and in parallel donate towards
energy distribution projects in deprived areas of the world.

Spring App

Spring is an app designed to help people
who would like to start growing their own produce.

Curtain Design

20 x 5.5 meter long curtain designed for 'Kashinath Ghanekar
Drama Theatre', Thane; represents the celebration of both
classical and western culture of music, dance and performing art.

Artha Typeface

'Artha' is a condensed Devanāgarī typeface designed by
considering today’s functional requirements of economic
printing and online usage of newspaper.


Areas of Experience

Experience Design

Education in Interaction design has helped me acquire skills in developing unique user experiences.

Type Design

Specialized in developing functional text typefaces for both print and screen usage.

Identity Design

Unique experience of working in multi-lingual typography, branding and identity design.

Space Design

Understanding of material and space helped me to further explore in space design.


Wide experience of working in illustration design with editorials, ad agencies, corporates and design studios.

User Centered Research

Research writing on type design and interaction projects has helped me to understand the subjects in deeper sense.

Quick view at few Interaction Projects


The Wall


Word Bounce


Trashed Conversations


Spring App


Metro Audio Guide


Light Up


One App